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“Jewellery should be about the individual, so I work to capture the essence of my clients in each design,” he says. “This starts from the minute we meet, right through to handing over the finished piece – I want to take the journey with each of them along the way.”

The quality of David’s works stems from using traditional hand crafted techniques, and selecting quality gems and stones, making him a modern day artisan – while incorporating a contemporary flavour to each design.

Being in the trade for more than 16 years, David’s quality pieces have seen him field offers from big industry names, but this jeweller prefers to keep his feet planted firmly on the ground – in his city based studio in Brisbane.

In his private studio tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets, hangs pictures of happy faces, special moments and cherished times – all adorned by one… or maybe two of his original handiworks.

His service is personal, very one on one – so personal that your journey begins and ends with him and him only. “Call it selfish, but I like to have all of my client’s time from beginning to end,” he says.

“This way I get a sense for who they are – their taste, their style, and their story… so I can bring this to each piece.”

“Private work is what I enjoy most – because I am trusted to share in one of the most important moments in a person’s life, something that is special and private and… of course, something to enjoy.”